How The Right Mattress Topper Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

alleviate back pain guide

Alleviate back pain guide

Did you know that according to recent studies 80% of people are going to experience some form of back pain throughout their lifespan? When you consider how much of an impact back pains can have on your everyday life, this is truly a sad statistic.

Among the many impacts that back pain can have on your life sleeping is one of the biggest. In fact, that average person spends almost one-third of their life sleeping.

Since most of this sleeping takes place on a mattress it is imperative that you have a good mattress.

Without the right mattress, you can wake you in even more pain than when you went to sleep. This is if you even achieved any rest at all.

Perhaps, you have heard about memory foam mattresses. The mattresses are working wonders for people that suffer from back pains.

Unfortunately, these mattresses can be rather expensive and not everyone can afford one.

However, throughout the year’s mattress companies have developed another alternative, which is known as memory foam toppers.

These toppers simply sit on top of your current mattress set up and provide you with the same benefits of a mattress foam topper.

While these toppers provide the same benefits they only cost just a fraction of what a true memory foam mattress costs.

Below, you will learn just how the right topper can help alleviates some of the most excruciating back pains.

Spinal Support

Most backaches occur in the lower back area, although the pain can be felt throughout the entirety of your back.

This is why when you are laying down it is imperative that the body lays flat with continuous support. Your body must have full contact with the surface that is it lying on is a uniform manner.

This allows your body to distribute your body weight evenly, which alleviates the stress that is placed on the spine.

The right topper can help you achieve all of this while you are sleeping so that you wake up with less pain and feeling refreshed.

A great topper can also help you maintain the proper posture throughout the night, which ensures that your spine stays straight.

When your spine rests in a straight manner your neck, shoulders, middle, upper, and lower back stay in a healthier form.

For instance, a regular mattress might not contour to your body, which leaves gaps between your body and the mattress.

This means that your spine is not getting the full support that it needs. However, choosing the right topper that contours to your body will not leave any gaps, which allows your spine to be fully supported throughout the entire night.

Sagging Mattress

Regardless, of how firm or soft your mattress is it is going to sag eventually over time. When a mattress starts to sag it creates an uneven sleeping surface, which can wreak havoc on your back during your sleeping process.

On the other hand, a mattress can even be too firm, which puts to much pressure on the body, while are sleeping.

However, since most toppers are designed to place right on to of your current mattress setup they can help cure sagging mattresses.

Even if you are dealing with a mattress that is too firm, the right topper can provide the softer support that you need throughout the night.

Understanding Sleeping Positions

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that certain sleeping positions can add pressure to your neck, hips, shoulders, knees, and even your lower back.

If you are dealing with back pain during the night this is probably why you often find yourself tossing and turning for relief.

While there is no one sleeping position that can cure back pain, there are some things that you can try to help alleviate your pain.

The most common sleeping position that can cause or increase back pains in sleeping on your stomach.

When you sleep on your stomach it causes you to flatten the natural curve of your spine, which in return just puts additional strain on your back muscles.

You also have to think about your neck. When you are sleeping on your stomach your neck is actually rotated. This rotation can result in pain in your neck or between your shoulders.

It does help if you move around a little bit while you sleep. In fact, it is practically normal for most individuals to move around during the sleeping process.

There are other sleeping patterns that can help your back pain throughout the night. For instance, if you like to sleep on your back you can try placing a pillow under your knees.

This technique allows your spine to maintain its natural curve. If you like to sleep on your stomach you can try placing a pillow under your lower abdomen and another one under your pelvis.

If you happen to be a side sleeper then a pillow between the knees can help greatly reduce back pains. It might also help to slightly draw your legs toward your chest.

Foam Density

Before you begin your shopping adventure, you will need to do a bit of research on foam density. There are several types of foams that are utilized for different applications.

To understand these foams, you will need to learn the specifications of each type more in-depth. One thing is for sure, if you fail to do your research, you will risk regretting your decision later on down the road

. If you are looking for a foam mattress topper that will ensure a good night’s sleep, without back pain and stiffness, you will want to invest in one that is made of foam, with a density range of 3 to 15 pounds.

This type of foam will actually last longer when compared to the other available options.

Believe it or not, foam with a density range of 3 to 15 pounds is extremely durable and works great for both mattresses and chair cushions.

This foam is so popular because it offers an abundance of support, comfort and will not cause overheating.

If you want your foam mattress topper to support your back, it will need to be constructed of 3-15 pound density foam.

Plenty Of Extra Space

 Having a sleeping partner can be very frustrating for someone that suffers from chronic back pain.

When your pain level reaches 8 on the pain scale, you will be ready to kick your partner off the bed.

However, this is not the proper way to handle the situation, especially if you want to maintain a good relationship with your partner.

Instead, invest in a mattress topper that is large enough to cover the entire mattress.

Most foam toppers are designed to be about 1-inch shorter on each side, so it does not overhang the mattress.

Make sure you choose a size that is suitable for your bed. If your bed is a king-size, then invest in a king-size mattress topper.

This will give your partner plenty of room to move around, without invading your personal space.

Reduce Pressure Points

According to Chinese medicine men, the body has hundreds of points throughout their body.

These points can be manipulated to eliminate headaches, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

While it does require scientific knowledge to understand the importance of these points, it does not take a genius to know that placing pressure on these points can cause back pain.

A foam mattress topper should be able to reduce the pressure point, which in turn will ensure a pain-free sleep.

Comfort Scale Rating

When you go to a mattress store, the clerk will provide you with a comfort scale. This scale consists of different ratings, ranging from 1 to 10.

If you familiarize yourself with this scale, you will be able to pick out the perfect mattress topper the first go around.

  • 1-2 Comfort Scale Rating – Extra firm
  • 3-4 Comfort Scale Rating – Medium firm
  • 7-8 Comfort Scale Rating – Soft
  • 9-10 Comfort Scale Rating – Very soft

Each comfort scale rating is suitable for different sleeping positions. For instance, the 1-2 rating is more suitable for back sleepers, while the 9-10 rating is more suitable for stomach and side sleepers.

You must take these ratings and your favorite sleeping position into considering when investing in a new foam mattress topper

. The 3-4 comfort scale rating is suitable for back and stomach sleepers, so if you like to change positions throughout the night this may be the best option for you.

The 7-8 rating is suitable for individuals that like to bury their body in their bed while sleeping on their stomach and back.

Foam Thickness

 Shopping for a new foam mattress topper can be a challenge, but with the right information and tools, you will pull it off superbly. One thing that you will need to consider is the foam’s thickness.

When you start your shopping expedition, you will notice that the foam mattress topper is available in 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 inches thick.

If you suffer from chronic back pain that only gets worse at night, you will probably want to choose a 4 or 5-inch thick foam. The thicker the foam, the more support it will provide.

A thin foam mattress topper will not provide a lot of support, making it unsuitable for back pain sufferers.

The 4-inch thick foam will provide optimum performance when you are sleeping.