Clean Foam Mattress Toppers

How To Clean Foam Mattress Toppers The Right Way Comprehensive Guide 

Memory foam mattresses are very unique devices that have been on the market for quite a while now. They can provide users with tons of health and improved sleeping benefits.

The only downfall to the mattresses is that they are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. This is why mattress companies alike invented an alternative.

This would be the memory foam topper. These toppers simply just lie on top of your current mattress set up and provide users with the same benefits that are offered by memory foam mattresses.

Along with this, the toppers usually only cost just a fraction of what a memory foam mattress costs.
While these toppers are very unique and beneficial, they can take a lot of abuse over the years.

You would be surprised at how many people just throw their toppers away once they become dirty or stained, but these toppers are different than an ordinary mattress.

With the proper tools and a little bit of knowledge, you can actually clean your toppers and restore them to their original look.

Below, you will learn some cleaning techniques that will help you clean your mattress toppers and free them of dirt and stains.

Items That You Will Need
Before you start with the cleaning process there are a few things that you are going to need.
• First, you are going to need a good clean work area where you can actually clean the mattress and let it dry when you are done.
• You will also need 2 to 3 soft and clean towels. The soft cotton cloth will work very well.
• You want to make sure that you have a washing detergent that is non-abrasive and mild.
• A spray bottle for the detergent will help with spot cleaning.
• Full size or handheld vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment will also be necessary for the cleaning process.
• Vinegar, a handheld dryer, or a small fan will be the last of the things that you are going to need.

Spot Cleaning Your Topper

There are several different instances when you might need to clean your topper.

Maybe you just spilled liquid on the material and want to clean it, maybe you are cleaning it for maintenance purposes or maybe you just need to spot clean it.

If you want to spot clean your mattress without washing it as a whole, you can follow this guide.
To start you want to remove the topper from your mattress setup and place it in your work area.

Once placed in the work area make sure the mattress is spread out properly. You now want to go ahead and vacuum the entire topper, which will help remove any dirt or debris that you might find on the topper.

Now, to tackle those dark stains you want to start with white vinegar. Simply, take your vinegar and dilute it with a little bit of water and put it on one of your clothes.

Take your cloth and gently rub away at the stain until it is completely gone. Once you have removed and cured the stains with vinegar, you will want to move onto the washing detergent.
You want to pour some washing detergent in your spray bottle and also dilute it with some water, as well.

Make sure that you never just pour the washing detergent on the topper, because this will just cause it to seep through the topper.

This could also cause the topper to lose its appearance and features. Once your detergent is mixed in your spray bottle, you want to spray an ample amount on the stains and let it set there from about 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes, you want to take another spray bottle that is filled with just water and rinse off the detergent. Make sure that you are wiping the stains with a soft cloth as you are spraying them with water.

You will probably start to notice a soapy layer building up as you are performing this process and you want to make sure that you completely remove this layer.
Once you have the soapy layer removed, you want to flip the topper over and perform the same process on the backside of the topper.

After you have cleaned both sides of the topper, you now simply just need to let it dry.

If you use a handheld dryer just make sure to keep the nozzle a safe distance away from the topper, otherwise you might compromise the integrity of the topper.

Removing Odors From A Topper

While stains can be a major problem on your topper, you need to know that sometimes stains can leave behind lingering odors.

So, it is imperative that you take the appropriate steps to remove these odors. To tackle those stubborn odors that might be left behind from a stain you can simply use baking soda.

You will want to start the process by removing the topper and placing it in your work area. After that go ahead and vacuum the entirety of the topper to remove any dirt and debris.

You will then spray clean the topper in the same manner that was described above, but when you are done you will simply sprinkle baking soda over the stains.

Make sure that you allow the baking soda to cure for at least 8 hours before vacuuming it up.

You can also try other cleaning products that specifically designed from removing odor, but sometimes you have to be careful with these products because they might be too harsh for your foam topper material.
Do Not Wash In A Washing Machine

When it comes to cleaning your foam mattress topper, you will need to do it manually. Never submerge the foam into the water, because this will damage the dense material.

Properly cleaning a foam topper without causing damage can be a bit tricky, but it is genuinely possible.

If you fail to heed to the instructions provided in the package, the foam will no longer be able to provide the amount of comfort as before or it will offer longevity.

How To Avoid Musky Odors And Mold Growth

When you clean the mattress topper, you should wait until it is completely dry, before covering it with the bed linen.

Some experts suggest taking the topper outdoors and hanging it on a clothesline. This is a great idea because the sun will help to speed out the drying process.

However, you should not place the foam topper on top of the grass, especially if there is dew on the ground.

The foam will soak up the moisture from the grass, so your best bet will be to hang it on a clothesline or droop it over a fence.

If you fail to heed to these instructions, you will risk mold growth, with a musky odor.

Mold requires moist, dark places to grow and that is exactly what type of environment you would be cheating if you do not allow the mattress time to dry.

When mold growth begins, it will be nearly impossible to prevent it from escalating into a major problem.

Since the foam material cannot be submerged into water, it will be nearly impossible to remove the entire mold and prevent it from continuing to grow.

So, you will basically be forced to purchase a new foam mattress topper to replace the moldy one.

Vacuum Followed By Steam Cleaning

If you feel the mattress topper needs a deeper clean, you may want to consider steam cleaning it.

Many homemakers are extremely picky when it comes to the cleanliness of their bedding.

If this sounds like you, spot cleaning may just not be enough to satisfy your pickiness.

If you do not own a steam cleaner, you may want to invest in a small unit or borrow the unit from a friend. However, you obtain the unit does not matter, but how you utilize it will.

The first step will involve thoroughly vacuuming the mattress topper. You can either utilize a hand vacuum or an upright, with a hose and nozzle.

The foam material is fairly durable, so you should not need to worry about damaging the surface of the material.

Vacuum every inch of the foam, then flip it over to and vacuum to another side. Once this step is complete, you will be ready to start the steam cleaning process.

Before initiating the steam cleaning process, you should check with the manufacturer first.

The foam material may not be suitable for this type of cleaning, especially since the steam can get extremely hot. One thing to remember throughout this process is to avoid utilizing constant delivery of the steam.

You do not want the foam to get drenched since this could damage the foam material. Utilize short bursts of steam and constantly move the steam cleaner along the mattress topper throughout the process.

The key to here is to eradicate bacteria and odors, along with removing set-in stains.

Your foam topper is probably no thicker than two to 4 inches, so you probably will not need to worry about cleaning the sides.

If you feel this is necessary, you should utilize the hose and nozzle equipped to the steamer for this task.

Many people think that if they skip the step, lingering odors will be left behind, so use your own judgment, when making this decision.